Your Photo ID Questions Answered

Your photo ID system questions- answered.

If you're in the market for an ID printer system, I'm sure you have some questions. Deciding to implement a photo ID system isn't always the easiest of processes, especially when you have to present how this purchase benefits your company and answer questions from your executive team.

If you already own an ID printer or are new to the whole photo identification process, I bet that you've come across a question or two you wish you would have asked when you had a System Specialist on the phone.

Every day, our System Specialist's talk with many customers who have the same questions you do. Here are the top 10 frequently asked questions regarding creating photo IDs and ID systems.

  1. Can I print a barcode on my badge? Yes. ID Maker will allow you to print your ID and barcode at the same time. ID Maker software can print any type of barcode without any issue.
  2. I ran out of supplies. How do I know which ones to re-order? Use our ID card Printer Supplies Locator to locate all of the correct supplies for your system/printer.
  3. Which badge holder fits my ID? All 2 x 4 in. and 3 x 2 in. badge holders fit credit card and business card size IDs. Any ID larger than a credit card or business card fits in a 4 x 3 in. horizontal or 3 x 4 in. vertical badge holder. Click here to see some samples.
  4. Can I use my own pictures? Yes. You can import any picture, logo, or artwork that is saved on your computer.
  5. Do I have to print an ID with a picture? No. ID Maker software can print an ID with or without a picture. You control how the ID looks!
  6. Are your ID Maker systems Mac compatible? No. Currently our software works best with Windows-based operating systems but new developments are always being made.
  7. Can I use my HID access card with your ID Maker printers? Yes. You can print directly on an ID that has no hole pre-punched in the card or you can print an adhesive ID that adheres to your HID access card.
  8. Can I use my HID access card with your ID Maker printers? Yes. You can print directly on an ID that has no hole pre-punched in the card or you can print an adhesive ID that adheres to your HID access card.
  9. Can I print horizontal and vertical cards? Yes. You can print an ID with any orientation with ID Maker systems. Simply choose the orientation layout during the card creation process.
  10. What system will work best for my needs? Depending on the amount of cards you plan to print each year, whether you plan to print single or dual-sided cards, the printer speed you desire, and your budget, there's a photo ID system for you. Click here to learn more.

Product Spotlight: Printer Cleaning Kits

If you want to keep your printer running at its peak performance, it's critical that you follow a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. Just like other office printers, they need some TLC once in a while! It's recommended that you clean your ID printer every 700-1,000 prints. This ensures that you're printing high-quality ID cards. Each cleaning kit includes cleaning cards and a pen.

For an ID card printer maintenance schedule and more information, click here.

Expert's Corner: Steps to clean your ID Printer

Cleaning your ID printer is a piece of cake. Follow these simple instructions and you'll be sure to have the best looking employee IDS around!

  • Press MENU then select "Clean Rollers" and follow the prompts on the printer.
  • Remove the card hopper from the back of the printer.
  • Open the lid and remove the dye-film. Leave the lid open.
  • Open the protective packet and remove the cleaning card.
  • When prompted, insert the narrow end of the card into the card feed slot. The cleaning process will run automatically, and then the card will be ejected.
  • Remove the card and repeat when necessary.

Questions? Contact an IDville identification expert today by contacting us via email or by calling 1.866.438.4553.

David, ID System Specialist

Customer Reviews: Read what our customers have to say!

Tiffany from Wewoka, OK "The ID Maker Value 1-Sided Card Printer is a fantastic product. I had already purchased the ID Maker software and the two work great together. I am pleased with my purchase."

Deb from North Manchester, IN "We were having issues with our printer not pulling the cards in the machine to print badges. I found the printer manual online and after quickly trouble shooting our printer symptoms, I ordered the Printer Cleaning Kit. Once I cleaned the parts and ran the cleaning card through the machine, it worked like brand new!"

Linda from New Port Richey, FL "The Vertical Color Frame Badge Holders are much more sturdy and do not rip as easy at the open edges as the ones we have been purchasing. They are just what I was looking for. Thank you!"