Practical applications for patient, staff and visitor identification
Identification in healthcare poses unique challenges. Hundreds of people move through clinics, hospitals and urgent care facilities each day, so it's important to identify and track who is on staff and who is just visiting. Another concern is protecting patients who are in treatment and may be vulnerable. Yet another concern is protecting confidential medical documents stored within the facility.


While their plates are certainly full, hospitals and clinics are making identification a priority by implementing a facility-wide ID card program, although the possibilities extend beyond traditional photo IDs. Magnetic stripe technology now allows for pre-loaded insurance card information, resulting in more efficient patient check-in with a card reader. Read how healthcare professionals are identifying the many people who walk through their doors each day.


Making a case for an initial ID card investment can be a challenge in lean economic times, but they are a necessity despite the size of the facility. With so much building traffic, and the highly personal nature of the industry, healthcare administrators have to look at the bigger picture - ID card programs create secure and efficient environments. Read the whitepaper to begin building your case for an ID card system.


Identification is not just about a photo, it's about peace-of-mind. Having the right ID accessories is just as important as printers and software. Choosing the appropriate PVC card, badge holder or lanyard is equally important. Accessories like badge reels and breakaway lanyards make ID wear convenient, especially if you need to scan your badge frequently or if you work in a lab. Read the latest articles on the why and how of ID badge wear.


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