Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the differences between PVC card IDs and laminate IDs?

2. Why should I choose the PVC card printer over the laminate ID system?

3. What should my ID look like?

4. What system will work best for my needs?

5. I ran out of supplies for my system/printer, how do I know which ones to re-order?

6. What do I need to make sure my IDs are visible?

7. I already have an ID printer, but I want to find a way to wear my ID.

8. What's included with my photo ID system?

9. Which badge holder fits my ID?

10. How do I order customized lanyards and how long will they take?

11. How many printer ribbons do I need?

12. My printer and/or software don't seem to be working properly. Can you help me?