Six Degrees of ID Security: Protect your ID Card from Duplication

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Today's electronic commerce climate demands more security, since 1 in 20 Americans is at risk for identity theft. Identity authentication is a regular part of our daily lives to protect ourselves and our proprietary information.

One of the ways to enhance security is a photo ID requirement. What you may not know is the variety of security features to prevent duplication of your card.

Let's look at six ways to guard against ID forgery:

Holographic displays - this unique feature can be used in a couple of ways on an ID card. A custom holokote key can be programmed for your printer. When the key is inserted into the printer, it produces a holographic overlay onto the ID card. A gold foil square called a holopatch can also be printed on each card. The holopatch can be printed with anything, including your company logo, for added forgery protection.

Watermarks - another unique marking, most often a logo, which lightly prints across any ID badge.

Magnetic Encoding - a programmable black or brown stripe on an ID card that when swept through a reader accesses loaded information like account number, name, purchase history or other applicable information.

Barcodes - a feature for time and attendance use or any tracking system you choose to integrate with your ID card.

Ghost photos - make an ID one-of-a-kind with a mirror screen image of your picture

Fingerprinting - especially useful in government agencies and schools for child ID programs.

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