Implementing student identification cards is a simple security solution for busy schools. Identification cards provide instant visual identification for teachers, security and staff. It provides a quick way to determine if a student belongs in the building or a specific wing of a facility. Student ID cards are especially helpful at the beginning of the school year when the student's picture and name are visible to help teachers and staff learn names quickly. Using photo identification in your school helps to monitor staff, student and visitor traffic, provide embedded tools to increase the safety of your operation, and promote a professional image of your school to others.

ID card printers  and software make this possible.  Students ID cards cost as little as $0.47 each. Creating your own student ID cards also has added convenience for the school and its staff. Cards print in 30 seconds, so you can make student ID cards directly on site the first day of school and distribute them to students same day,  one of the most important times for identification processes to be in place.

When you begin the identification implementation process, select a vendorwith care. You will want to find a provider who offers free tech support following your purchase. Technology, with all of its efficiencies and advantages, inevitably provides frustrations at times. Having a knowledgeable representative you can call with troubles is crucial to getting the most out of your investment.

Find the identification system that's right for you
Implementing a student ID cards at your school is much easier than you think. It all begins with determining the correct identification system for your needs and purposes. User-friendly  system selection guides are available to help walk you through the process of determining the right fit for your school. Our guide was created by identification experts who help customers implement identification systems everyday and are available online.

Many ID card printers are available with a wide variety of features and options. ID card printer packages are designed with all the elements you need to begin making ID cards. Standard ID card printer packages include a digital camera, picture backdrop, card printer, software, printer ribbon and PVC ID cards. Systems are customizable, too. If your school already has a digital camera or a backdrop, you can easily have those elements removed from your ID card printer package. This will reduce the cost and ensure you only get what you need from your purchase.

To determine the ID card printer that's best for you, there are a few pieces of information that are imperative to the purchasing process. First, have an idea of how many cards you will need to print in a year. To find this number, consult a directory of all students, teachers, and staff. Compensate this number for any necessary remakes that may be requested because of lost or damaged cards. Next, consider if you will be printing on one or two sides of the ID card. A dual sided ID card may contain picture and name identification on the front with a barcode or mag-stripe encoding on the backside. Finally, decide if you need a portable system. If you will be transporting it between buildings or facilities, a portable system may be beneficial. Equipped with this information, you'll be able to identify the best identification system for your school.

Make user friendly software a priority

Equally important to the system you select is the software you will implement to create student ID cards. A user-friendly  software program should be a top priority. Often, the IT department selects the software for its organization. Their knowledge and experience help select a great program; however they are not always the ones that use the software on a regular basis! The individual who uses the ID card software in a school is often an administrative assistant or secretary, human resources staff member, or even the principal. These individuals may not have the same familiarity and comfort level with software as the IT staff.  An easy way to make certain the program is user-friendly is to view a demo or tutorial. Many ID software providers offer free demos on their websites. Before IT makes their final recommendation, have the individual who will manage the program take it for a test drive.

ID software today does more than simply print student ID cards. A desirable feature to seek for your software program is reporting capabilities. Reporting will allow you to organize the information you enter into the software's database. For example, you will likely input students' first and last names, grade or homeroom. The reporting capabilities would allow you to generate a classroom directory, a great resource for teachers, staff and parents. A popular use of the reporting feature is creating a picture directory for substitute teachers. With all the information already in your identification software database, creating this resource for visiting staff is simple.

If facility or visitor security is a concern at your school, make access control a priority with your cards. Access control means individuals would need to use their ID card to use certain entrances into the building. This can be accomplished by adding a barcode encryption to each card. Access control security features make it easier for the front office to monitor visitors without inconveniencing the students and staff.

Streamlining processes with student ID cards has additional benefits
Student ID cards can improve more than just the security at your school. The introduction of ID cards to your students and staff can help to streamline various processes within the school, too. With the proper  ID card printer and software , you can add barcodes or mag-stripe encoding to your ID cards. These additional features allow you to coordinate your lunch program and library system. Schools find this system saves time, increases efficiency, and is safer for students, too. Students will also be more motivated to wear their ID cards as they will be required for checking out library books or buying school lunch.

One school that employs this system discovered an additional security benefit of using student ID cards for buying lunch. By giving the ID cards dual purpose as identification and lunch room debit card, students carried less cash with them to and from school. This was safer for students as it reduced bullying and theft within the schools.

Have fun with student ID cards!
Along with organizational software features, a program that assists with the design of your card is essential. These programs provide professionally designed backgrounds for you to use with your cards as well as a wide variety of clip art and font options to make attractive and fun ID cards that students will want to sport around the building.

To encourage students to wear their ID cards, provide fun ID card accessories such as lanyards or badge reels. Both display options can be customized with a school name, logo, or mascot which is a great way to boost school spirit. Lanyards are the top choice for student ID cards. Worn around the neck, lanyards display the ID card on the individual's chest where the information on the card is visible to others. Students like the versatility of lanyards as they can attach car or house keys to the metal split ring or hook. There is no limit to the design of a lanyard, either. They come in a wide selection of colors, styles and features, so you have the ability to create a custom look specific for your students and staff.

Student ID cards play an important role in the safety and security of your school. With the ability to design your own ID cards, you demonstrate a dedication and personal responsibility to the safety of the students, staff and building visitors. Ultimately, you are identifying the most valuable assets of your school: its people.