To Theme or Not to Theme: Accessorizing ID Cards

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That is the question, with a simple answer. Having a theme is always better. A single message makes for a stronger presentation and adds sophistication to any event or celebration. IDville has the tools to make your next event memorable, or outfit your staff with an assortment of everyday themed accessories to build employee morale.

Better Safe Then Sorry

Even though National Safety Month comes once a year in June, safety is a year long issue. Each year six million American workers suffer non-fatal workplace injuries costing U.S. businesses more than $125 billion. Simple steps ward off potential hazards, but it's surprising how often these precautions are ignored.

Here's a snapshot of ways to address safety in your workplace:

Meet On It - Don't wait for an incident to review standard safety procedures. Plan a meeting once a month as a refresher for all employees, not just for those in a production capacity or who work with machinery. Plenty of risks exist in any environment. Add props, skits or handouts to emphasize your points, and have prizes for impromptu quizzes on the information you covered. Hand out Safety First themed badge reels and lanyards as a daily, wearable reminder that safety is important.

Post It - Knowledge is power. Make safety information readily available for all employees. Use an employee intranet site to get the word out about safety issues.

Check It - Perform unscheduled safety checks. Make sure all equipment is working properly and all regular maintenance is performed. Look for hazards in your hallways such as damaged flooring or carpet that can easily be tripped over, especially on a stairwell. Have fully-stocked first-aid kits available and let employees know where they are. Designate a first responders team before incidents happen, and make sure the team is properly trained for emergencies by knowing CPR or implementing an emergency plan.

Use lanyards with a breakaway feature in the event the lanyard gets hooked on something, or someone. The lanyard quickly snaps in two to avoid injury. This feature is especially handy in schools, hospitals or manufacturing environments.

Monitor It - Employees function at a higher level when they feel safe and comfortable. Part of that security comes from knowing that building access is not for everyone. Register your visitors and use an IDville exclusive log-in system to not only identify, but record all daily visitor activity.

Use your photo ID card system to design and print unique visitor badges on demand, and use the software to generate activity reports.

Recognize Volunteers Frequently, And Repeat

Volunteers give their time and talents without compensation. It's important to recognize that gift as often as you can. The next time you have an event where you'll need volunteers to direct traffic, greet guests or setup behind the scenes, use bold volunteer lanyards and badges to distinguish them.

Use badge reels to further distinguish and thank volunteers for a job well done. Choose from several themes including: I Make the Difference, Essential Piece or Making a World of Difference. Use a themed lanyard for easy badge display. Give your volunteers a designer lanyard to coordinate with a team shirt or school colors.

Employee Appreciation and Team Building

You don't need a reason to recognize everyday. Employees who feel appreciated perform better and have fewer issues with absenteeism. Give employees a daily reminder of their worth to your organization with a themed badge reel or lanyard, so they can wear their badge with style. Let them know they make a difference or are a key player in the department. Hand out badge holders with a lapel pin display so employees can proudly show pins they receive for achievements and milestones.

Celebrating patriotism is not reserved for the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. Use American flag badge reels and lanyards at your company picnic to show your pride, or hand them out as a way to honor service men and women in your workplace.

Medical staff saves lives everyday. Everyday Hero, You Save the Day and Stethoscope Heart badge reels show how much we depend on doctors, nurses and EMTs to care for us when we can't do it for ourselves.

You theme, we all theme! IDville makes it simple to choose a theme for your next event or celebration. Or anytime you want to recognize people who make a difference.