How Many Ways Are There to Print an ID Badge?

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More than you think. Depending on your badge needs we have the system for you. Powered by our exclusive IDMaker software, our systems are high-quality, intuitive and arrive at your door ready to go.

IDMaker plastic card systems and laminate card systems offer only in the best in versatile ID card production. Whether you're printing 50 badges for a small office, or 5,000 for a high school, we have your ID badge solution.

Looking for something more temporary? Choose from a wide selection of visitor identification systems or engraved, printable name tags.

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Print Longer Lasting, Secure IDs

If you're looking for a comprehensive ID badge solution, look no further than a PVC card system. Despite what you may have heard plastic card systems are not just for large card volumes, and won't break your budget. It doesn't matter if you're printing 50 or 5,000 cards; an ID Maker photo ID system fits the bill.

Consider this when looking at a photo ID system:

  • A complete photo ID system in one box: camera, printer, software, card stock and a backdrop. Don't need a camera? We'll build a package to meet your needs, not waste your time with unnecessary equipment or features.
  • Exclusive software puts card design in your hands. Choose from 200 backgrounds and 80 clip art images.
  • Professional, secure IDs on demand, in minutes
  • Free, lifetime technical support
  • Affordable equipment upgrades so your system grows with your business
  • Latest security features to avoid fraudulent reprints
  • Avoid time-consuming laminate card printing
  • Time and attendance capabilities
  • Uses beyond photo identification, such as gift or key card printing

Ready to buy? Ask yourself a few questions to get started, or request a free system selection guide. We're happy to help you! Chat live with an IDville specialist, or give us a call at 1-866-438-4553.

Laminate ID Cards Save on Cost

If you're printing a small volume of ID cards for short-term use, and you have a very limited budget, you'll want to consider a laminate card system. Everything you need is in the box to get started: camera, software, universal laminator, camera, laminating pouches and card stock.

Some things to consider when looking at a laminate card system:
  • Works best for low production runs
  • Laminated cards don't last as long as plastic cards
  • Additional printer ink costs to print your badges
  • Less investment up front
  • No additional security features to protect against forgery
  • Not as professional as a plastic PVC card
  • Laminating process is more time-consuming then plastic card printing

Have more questions? We are happy to answer them. Give us a call at 1-866-438-4553, or chat live with an IDville specialist.

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Do You Know Who's in Your Office?

Monitoring visitor traffic is as important as IDing your staff. Safeguarding your office increases employee morale and productivity, not to mention the safety hazards of not tracking school visitors. The good news is a visitor identification system is easy to implement and very affordable.

Some things to consider when looking at a visitor identification system:
  • Visitor identification systems should also track activity, not just identify visitors
  • Refills are readily available for all our visitor systems
  • Pre-designed plastic visitor badges can be reused with a wet erase marker
  • Several systems available to meet your unique needs

Visitor management is as simple as a log-in book with paper badges, or as complete as a badge printer with tracking software. We also make systems designed for schools with self-expiring ID badges. You decide what works best for you. As always, we are happy to help you! Chat live with an IDville specialist, or give us a call at 1-866-438-4553.

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Personalized Name Tags Go Anywhere

The best solution for you may be individual, personalized name tags. These work well in situations where there is a high level of turnover, or where you need just a few name tags for special occasions.

You design them, we'll engrave and ship. Or purchase a convenient bundle package to print your own. Classic shapes give you a professional finish. Choose from clip art images, or use your logo. It's all up to you! Chat live with an IDville specialist, or give us a call at 1-866-438-4553.

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