Ways to Wear Your Badge

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Just like grabbing your keys is second-nature as you walk out the door, so should grabbing your ID badge. You may use it for identification, to punch in or out, to open a door, or all three. If you don't have it, you have a problem.

We offer a wide range of products to keep your ID badge close to you, but not in your way. No matter what your personal style is, your badge's function, or how often you use it, IDville has an accessory for you. Because access to your ID badge should be easy - like grabbing your keys as you walk out the door.

Which One Do I Wear?

You may wonder where to start. Think about the three Cs of badge wear: Comfort, Capacity and Convenience. In other words: How will you wear it, how will you use it and how often will you need it?

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Personalized Lanyards
Protective Badge Holders
Practical Badge Reels
Price Friendly Strap Clips

Personalized Lanyards

Highly visible lanyards work well for schools, conferences, department or volunteer recognition, or just about anytime a large group needs to be identified.

Add your company or school name, and your logo or mascot to give it a truly personal touch. IDville also carries an assortment of themed lanyards to coordinate with your upcoming event's theme or school colors.

Attachments add versatility and function to lanyard wear. Use a split ring to carry keys, or a bulldog clip to easily attach your badge. Clip your laminated, slot-punched ID badge with a metal j-hook. A safety breakaway snaps the lanyard apart if you get it caught on something, a handy option in manufacturing or school environments.

Shop recycled lanyards made of soda bottles for ID wear you can feel good about. Use with recycled badge stock for earth-friendly identification.

Control access to your building everyday by monitoring visitor traffic. Use a bold, pre-designed visitor lanyard to clearly identify who is authorized to be on-site or on school grounds.

The possibilities are endless, and it doesn't have to hurt your budget. Shop all lanyards now.

Protective Badge Holders

Lanyards are not your style? Badge holders protect your ID card and create storage for all your necessities.

The exclusive IDGuard™ wraps around your badge without compromising scanning capabilities. With five different color choices, coordinate it with your badge and badge reel for a polished look.

Armband holders come in vertical or horizontal presentations and are ideal for medical or security personnel. The adjustable strap fits any arm and keeps your credentials visible, yet not in your way.

Need room for more cards? Use the multi-card holder to carry as many as six cards in a single, lightweight tension device. Load it, and use the plastic slot to attach a strap clip or a lanyard.

It can be as simple as a clear vinyl badge holder. Slip your ID in its protective case, clip it to your pocket, purse or lanyard and you're on your way.

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Practical Badge Reels

If badge scanning is something you do everyday to track time and attendance, a badge reel makes your life a whole lot easier. Badge reels can be decorative, but also extend up to 36" for proximity scanning and automatically retract back into a sturdy plastic casing. Use the back clip to keep your ID card accessible on a pocket or belt loop.

Send a message to your staff with a variety of themed badge reels. Assorted themes address safety and teamwork, or call an IDville specialist to customize a badge reel with your logo.

Heavy duty chrome badge reels withstand any environment, or choose a carabiner clip for attachment to just about anything - key ring, pocket, belt loop or bag.

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Price Friendly Strap Clips

It doesn't get any simpler than strap clips. A vinyl clip attaches to your ID, a metal clip attaches to you, and you're looking at ID wear as low as $.18 per piece!

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