Why Bundle ID Accessories?

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Buying in bulk saves money. The same is true when you buy ID card supplies and accessories. IDville offers several of our most popular products in convenient bundles.

Identifying visitors is crucial to employee safety and building security. The more comprehensive your visitor management system is the better off you'll be in the long run. We offer several systems to identify and track visitors, bundled for your convenience and priced just right. When you buy a bundle you can save up to 50% off the retail price.

Track Visitors and Generate Reports

The Visitor Log-In Bundle gives you all the tools to log and identify your visitors. You get a spiral log-in book, 25 wet-erase, reusable plastic badges, 25 strap clips to display each badge, plus a wet-erase marker. Refills are available for the log-in book. For just $20 more upgrade to a Visitor Log-in Bundle Supreme and get everything in the original bundle, plus ten boldly pre-designed visitor lanyards.

If you're looking for something more thorough, try the Visitor Express Secure Bundle. The kit allows you to track visitors and generate reports from your desktop. You get the software, a Brother badge printer and one roll of 300 adhesive badges. Set-up takes just a few minutes, and if you need technical support an IDville specialist is just a phone call away.

Another option is to create individualized name tags for each visitor on the spot. With the Quick Print Name Tag Bundle you get a printer, ribbon cartridge, 50 name tags and 50 self-adhesive pin clips. The value in this unique package is the reusable badges. Just print a new label, stick it to the name tag and go! Personalize these name tags by adding a free stock graphic, or add your logo for just $35. Use these name tags to identify volunteers, or use them for special events for guests of honor.

The Laminate ID Package is ideal for ID badges on a shoestring budget, when you don't need a high level of security and your production runs are low. You get ID Maker exclusive software, a web cam with a tripod, a heat transfer laminator, 100 credit card sized ID badges and laminating pouches. As an added bonus you get IDart software, with over 100 spot illustrations to give your badges a professional finish.

Bundle Up Your Next Event

Bundles are also available for events. Why buy badge holders and lanyards separately for your trade show when you can bundle them and save money? With our event bundles you get 250 lanyards and badge holders - plus you choose from four different lanyard colors! Event bundles are as low as $1.20 per piece.

As always, IDville specialists are happy to help you. Give us a call at 1-866-438-4553, or send us an email at service@IDville.com. We're also available to chat live if you have questions about our complete line of identification products and systems.