Why Use an ID Card?

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Your DNA ultimately identifies you, but think about how often you are required to show physical identification everyday - to cash a check, drive a car, get into a building or pick up a package from a delivery service. Not having the proper photo ID can prevent you from doing many things.

Think about your own security. You wouldn't want someone using your personal credit score to open accounts or use your bank card to make purchases. Your photo identification protects you.

Your photo ID also recognizes you as a member, student or as a licensed professional. Your credentials get you access to buildings, show your security clearance, track your member benefits, access your student services or other perks exclusive to you.

A photo ID system is not just for photo identification. Use it for a range of business reasons to identify yourself and others, and also to recognize, reward and monitor activity.

Let's look at five industries and how they would use an ID card system:


Business As Usual Requires Everyday ID Solutions

Day-to-day business moves at the speed of an email, text message or Twitter update. Staying relevant in these conditions requires us to stay current with technology. Photo identification systems in particular must use up-to-date methods to not only identify employees, but to secure building access, track time and attendance and guard against unauthorized ID card reproduction.

Long gone are the days of time-consuming photo ID lamination from a scanned image. Plastic cards last 20 times longer than a laminated paper card. Using a laminating system incurs hidden cost for color printer ink, plus paper waste if you're not printing an entire page of paper badges.

Your company may have multiple locations, and using a single card to manage building access saves money for the cost of one access card per employee, versus two or three.

Holographic overlays, signature panels and ghost photos add another level of security to your ID card, without complicated instructions or expensive upgrades. You design the card you need and the features your company requires with our user-friendly software.

Time is of the essence, and an IDMaker ID card system does not waste it. Cards typically print between 20-40 seconds, so your new hire is on her way to orientation with her ID card in hand in no time at all.

It helps to hear other company's stories. Take a look at some case studies from IDville customers to hear what they have to say.

Secure School Grounds

Limited school budgets don't have to dictate out-of-date photo ID systems. Your school can afford managing in-house photo ID creation and production, and actually save money down the road. Instead of staring down long lines at student orientation and stretching an already busy staff, invest in a system meant for high volume production, that puts everything a student needs for the year in his hands in half the time it takes to set up a laminating machine. Combine a photo with library access, plus cafeteria services on a single card!

Unscheduled visitors can be a security risk, especially on a school campus. Identifying and monitoring visitors is just as crucial as doing the same for the student body. Use a photo ID system to make simple visitor badges so you know exactly who is walking your halls. IDville also offers refillable visitor log-in systems and reusable badges to help you track visitor traffic.

A photo ID system does not end with the printed card. Give students fun and colorful options for displaying their badge using a lanyard. Customize them with your school name, colors, mascot or all three. Lanyards are also a great way to distinguish between classrooms and grade levels, or to keep groups of students together on a field trip.

An ID Maker system arrives ready to go, right from the box. A printer and ribbon, ID software, digital camera, plastic cards and even a backdrop for consistent image capture, are all you need to get started. Plus, lifetime technical support whenever you need it.

Still not convinced? Read case studies from schools just like yours who invested in a photo ID system and found it pays for itself.

Comply with Government Regulations

With technology connecting us, it seems as though the world got smaller. That may be the case, but that doesn't mean security should take a back seat to connectivity. In fact, federal government guidelines require certain security measures as a means of identification and access, such as HSPD-12 requiring all government agency employees have a smart card ID card, or the HITECH Act that protects medical records against security breaches.

An IDMaker system integrates with any existing system; however there are features with our systems that meet the unique security needs of government agencies and facilities. Topcoats, fingerprints, ghost photos and holographic overlays matched to an agency's logo deter ID forgery. Programmable printer memory cards further deter fraudulent ID duplication. Dual-sided printing allows for a photo on one side, and additional safety features like a bar code on the back.

Depending on your needs, and the security mandates you must follow, an ID Maker system works with you.

You don't take security lightly, and neither do we. ID card systems are what we do, and we do it right. Read case studies from city governments and public safety departments just like you that have implemented their own photo ID system with help from IDville.

Manage Patient, Employee and Visitor Identification with a Single ID Card System

One of the things people look for in a healthcare facility is convenient access. Along with that access must be security. Patients and their families want peace-of-mind from check-in to check-out, and a photo ID system promotes a hassle-free and secure environment.

From an internal standpoint, a photo ID system not only identifies employees and their title, it also manages medical document access based on federal requirements to ensure confidentiality.

Once you've printed their IDs, give employees convenient ways to display their badges on twist-free badge reels or adjustable armband badge holders that maintain badge access without hindering movement.

Budget is always an issue, so your photo ID system should do what you want it to do without hidden costs or unnecessary equipment. An ID Maker system prints patient, employee and visitor ID badges. Avoid multiple cards by turning your proximity card into a photo ID with an adhesive overlay. Software capacity allows for unlimited amounts for data for accurate record keeping.

All of our systems arrive with everything you need to get started. You don't need to worry about compatibility uncertainties. Plus, you get free, lifetime technical support with every system purchase.

Read about what other medial facilities have done to implement a photo ID card system with the experts from IDville.

Identify Club Members and Track Loyalty Programs

How many systems does it take to start a customer loyalty program? Just one, from IDville.

Unleash the power of a loyalty program by using an ID Maker system to track activity, purchases and personal information in a password-protected database. Member or club cards are a constant advertisement for your business, and can easily be reprinted if lost from stored information.

No need for hand-written gift cards or keys. Use your plastic card printer for gift cards with a bar code or magnetic strip that tracks who issued the card and and its value. Avoid the cost of changing locks by printing secure key cards. Hotel guests appreciate a convenient key card that slips into a wallet instead of a cumbersome metal key that can easily be duplicated.

Photo ID systems are not just for identification. Use it for an all encompassing mix of ID badge creation, time and attendance scanning, building access and customer rewards.

Find out how companies are using an ID Maker system for all of their business needs.