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ID Maker® software is the easiest-to-use card creation software for PVC identification badges in the industry. Featuring a totally re-designed, user-friendly interface, our software gives you uncomplicated drag and drop design tools, simple database management, pre-designed starter templates, professionally-designed background and clip-art images and more... all with the click of your mouse.

ID Maker® 2.0 Overview ID Maker® 2.0 Overview
Walk through the basic steps to create, design and print an ID badge using ID Maker® 2.0.
ID Maker® 2.0 Overview Initial Setup (The ID Maker System™)
Learn how to set up The IDmaker System™ and begin printing ID badges within minutes.
Wear It Wear It
Watch this slide show to learn all the different ways to wear an ID badge.
How to create a drop-down menu Drop-down menu in ID Maker® 2.0
Save time by learning how to add a drop-down menu in the database entry screen in ID Maker® 2.0.
Import a Background Import a Background
Learn how to customize your ID badge by adding a custom background image.
Import a Database Import a Database
Learn how to easily import an existing database into ID Maker® 2.0
Add a Barcode Add a Barcode
Time & attendance, door access, security, lunch debit program - no matter what you use it for, you can add a bardcode within ID Maker® 2.0 that will work with your existing systems.