January 30, 2013

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Visitor management systems play a vital role in schools

IDville's Visitor Express: School Edition offers security for students and peace of mind for parents.

Grand Rapids, MI - IDville, the leading identification and security expert for business, education, healthcare, and government, recommends visitor management systems for schools that are currently operating without a process in place to manage visitors. Today, more than ever, it is apparent that school safety isn't just an option, it's an obligation. Implementing a process to track visitors is a critical step in not only protecting students, but also staff members.

ID is key to knowing when a child should or shouldn't be picked up from school. With Visitor Express: School Edition, all it takes is the swipe of a state-issued ID to know in seconds if the person entering a school poses a potential threat to the safety of students. When an ID is swiped, the National Sex Offender Registry will be checked, as well as any customized unwanted and approved pick-up lists created by staff members. Returning visitors can then be processed in as little as fifteen seconds with available Visitor Express key tags.

"Visitor Express allows schools to manage the many students, staff, vendors, parents, and faculty that enter the school building each day in a low-cost and efficient way," says Kelli Piepkow, Marketing Manager of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based IDville.

The Visitor Express: School Edition system includes Visitor Express software, ID badge printer, license scanner, barcode reader, and a USB web cam. For more information, demos can be requested and scheduled.

Adjusting from a staff-managed or paper and pencil visitor check-in system to a technology-driven visitor management system requires an up-front investment, but it is a necessary and critical step in protecting students and staff. With instant alerts for parents, customizable unwanted visitor lists, instantaneous sex offender checks, and emergency response reporting, school security can be improved.

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