May 8, 2012

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IDville Promotes Safety during National Hospital Week

Healthcare themed badge accessories encourage staff safety during National Hospital Week and year round.

Grand Rapids, MI - National Hospital Week is a celebration of the history, technology, and dedicated professionals who serve our communities every single day. IDville, the leading identification and security expert for healthcare, business, education, and government, is excited to promote safety in the healthcare industry with medical badge accessories.

Taking place May 6-12, National Hospital Week is a great opportunity for millions of people to visit their community hospital and learn about new medical breakthroughs that will improve the health and quality of everyday life.

"With so many visitors in and out of healthcare facilities, especially during National Hospital Week, it's never been more important to ensure that you can distinguish who is a visitor and who is a staff member," Dan Rogers, IDville General Manager, commented.

IDville recommends using ID Maker™ photo identification systems to quickly and easily identify healthcare visitors and staff. ID Maker systems provide a simple solution to create and print ID cards in minutes. In addition to creating photo ID cards for staff, hospitals can also design reusable visitor badges. By attaching a pre-printed ID card to a lanyard or badge accessory, hospitals can easily distinguish visitors from staff.

Hospitals can encourage staff to wear their photo ID cards by outfitting them with medical badge accessories. Staff can express their personality and style with fashion lanyards and badge reels all year long. Display medical position identity cards with staff ID cards, and visitors and patients will be able to easily identify staff roles and positions.

With so many visitors coming in and out of medical facilities on a daily basis, it's easy for germs to spread. Wear visitor ID cards with antimicrobial lanyards to help prevent the spread of germs. An anti-bacterial coating on the lanyard prevents the growth of mold, fungus, or odor-causing substances, so the lanyards can be reused for a long period of time.

IDville has provided photo identification systems and accessories for nearly 10 years and is committed to promoting safety and security throughout organizations.

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