September 26, 2012

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IDville offers solutions to accommodate student ID programs

College campuses upgrade and improve the functionality of student ID cards.

Grand Rapids, MI - In response to an increase in theft and security violations, many college campuses are becoming stricter on student identification. At times like these, it's imperative that schools have a photo identification system in place. Not only are colleges and universities using student ID cards for identification purposes, a trend of one-for-all ID cards is also becoming increasingly popular.

All-for-one student ID cards allow students to access dormitory rooms, sporting events, fitness centers, and cafeterias. Businesses are also taking part in student ID programs within campus communities and benefit from schools and universities adopting all-for-one student ID cards.

"Implementing student ID programs is a great idea. It's an opportunity for students to get out in the community and experience campus life," says Kelli Piepkow, Marketing Manager of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based IDville.

Several Western Michigan college students are eligible for various discounts when they present their ID. Local restaurants, game centers, ski lodges, and retail stores are participating in providing student discounts. At Eastern Michigan University, students now have borrowing privileges at eight University of Michigan libraries by using their student ID cards.

"I live in Ann Arbor so it will be easier [to check out books from other schools]," EMU senior Lauren said. "I think a lot of commuters will take advantage of this."

IDville, the leading identification and security experts for business, education, healthcare, and government, recommends giving students a choice. Let them choose from displaying their ID on a badge reel, badge holder, or lanyard.

  • Sell ID card accessories in campus bookstores. Add school spirit by customizing badge reels and lanyards with the school name, mascot, and colors.
  • Provide free accessories during orientation. Most schools give out goody bags during orientation week. This is an opportunity to promote the ID card, encourage students to wear it, and to inform them of the student ID program and what businesses participate in student discounts.
  • Have accessories available in the library. At most campuses, in order to check out a book from the campus library, each student has to show their student ID. To encourage students to keep track of their ID card, accessories can be offered when checking out books.

Not only does this keep IDs conveniently located, it also helps keep them in good condition and prevents damages from daily wear and tear.

"Everyone likes to have options. Giving students a choice of how they can display and wear their photo IDs encourages them to take care and keep track of their ID," comments Kelli.

When implementing a photo identification program, it's critical to ensure that students understand the full value of their student ID card. Utilizing ID cards for more than identification allows students an opportunity to get acquainted with other areas of the campus and venture out into the community.

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