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ID Maker Primacy Infinity 2-Sided ID Card Printer

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Product Description

  • Printer only. Does not include supplies or card design software.
  • Prints full-color 300 x 600 dpi double-sided ID cards up to 280 cards per hour.
  • LCD touchscreen puts ribbon, card, and cleaning functions at your fingertips.
  • Security Features: UV overlays enhance the safety of your cards.
  • Capable of re-writing badges. This technology essentially erases the last print and print a whole new badge on the same PVC card. Must use re-writable PVC cards.
  • Standard 4 year manufacturer’s warranty included with extended warranty options.

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ID Maker Primacy Infinity 2-Sided ID Card Printer

With the ID Maker® Primacy Infinity 2-Sided Printer, you get everything you could need from a direct-to-card printer: reliability, high print capacity, quality print colors and data encoding. The LCD touchscreen unlocks helpful features like step-by-step cleaning instructions, troubleshooting and a faster print interface. One more unique feature of this printer is its ability to print over existing cards. Paired with re-writable cards, the Primacy Infinity can essentially delete what is there and print a brand new card.

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