3 Reasons to Create Your Own Visitor Badges


When it comes to identifying visitors at your facility there are a lot of options. The most common are visitor log-books and some variation of a pre-printed card or nametag that says “Visitor” on it. But there may be an option you haven’t considered yet. If you have an ID Card Printer System in place to create employee or student ID cards don’t let it sit around collecting dust until the next time an employee ID card needs to be printed. Here are three reasons you should put that ID system to use for your visitor badges.

1. Easily Keep Detailed Visitor Record

ID badge creation software can be used to keep detailed electronic records of who visited and when they were there. Use custom fields to identify the company they are from, date & time of arrival, and who they are visiting. You can also create different templates for each kind of visitor.

2. Create a Highly Unique Experience 

Not only can you create a badge that is unique to your organization but it elevates the visitor’s experience as well. Including their information on a printed ID badge clearly identifies them and that they belong in your building. It makes them feel good and it lets your employees know they belong.

3. Improved Safety 

Having measures like this in place will deter unwanted visitors and behavior. For an added measure of safety, print the visitor’s photo on their badge. This may be particularly important for frequent visitors like vendors and contractors who can get multiple uses out of a badge that is specific to them.

This may sound like it will take too much time but if you have the ID template(s) set up a head of time, it’s just a matter of inputting basic information into the database and hitting print. All of this can easily happen while the visitor happily waits in the lobby for their respective party to collect them.

Don’t purchase boring, generic ID badges or nametags. Put your ID card printer to good use and show your uniqueness by printing your own visitor ID badges.

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