4 Reasons to use an ID Badge Holder


Look at your ID badge. You know what I’m talking about. That faded and grimy card isn’t sending the clean professional message like it used to. But what’s your office supposed to do, print new ones for everyone every year? They could, but badge holders are a much more cost effective way to dramatically increase the life of your id card. On top of that badge holders also have some other tricks up their sleeve.

1. Protect your information

Secure your RFID technology with an RFID Secure Badge Holder. RFID chips encode personal information into your ID card. This information can easily be stolen so it’s critical to safeguard your information with this secure badge holder.  

2.Suite up in your team colors

Badge holders come in tons of different colors so you can not only increase the life of your badge but you can also increase the professionalism of your badge by matching with your badge holder or other accessories like badge reels or custom lanyards.

3. Seal the deal

Sealable badge holders offer a great way to make sure your badge is never lost and sealed away from everyday dirt and grime.

4. Protect ID cards from fading in direct sunlight

Maintain great looking ID cards with an Anti-Print Transfer Badge Holder.  This badge holder won’t stick to your ID card and prevents the ink from fading. 

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