5 Ways to Inspire Your Staff to Wear Their ID Badge


Let’s be honest, we all know the value of wearing an id badge. If you don’t, you can start hereThe question is, how do you encourage and inspire employees to wear them without being a tyrant or labeled the ‘id badge Nazi’? Here are 5 steps you can take to promote an id badge wearing culture within your organization.

1. Lead by Example

The culture of an organization starts at the top, if your company’s leaders aren’t wearing their id badges, your employees won’t either.

2. Reward Positive Behavior 

Randomly reward people that are wearing their badge. The reward can be as simple as a casual day or $5 gift card to the local coffee or sandwich shop. You won’t need to reward everyone wearing a badge (although they’d appreciate it) to start an id badge wearing trend.

3. Make the ID Something they Want to Wear 

Overall design is important but there are a few extra steps you can take. First, take the extra time to make sure their picture is a good one. Also, include items on the card that make the employee proud, like years of service or special recognitions or certifications they have received. Make the badge say something more than “I work at X”, give it personality.

4. Give Them Options

Don’t dictate how they need to attach the id badge to their clothes. Let them choose one of the many options available for displaying their badge: lanyards, badge reels and id badge clips come in a variety of colors and styles. This can alleviate common complaints like matching their outfit or comfort. Let them decide what is best for their work environment.

5. Branding

Most employees are proud of where they work and what they represent (if yours aren’t, you should click here and here. Let them show off the company brand, loud and proud. Custom lanyards and custom badge reels come in a variety of options and help create a sense of team and help unite employees in a common purpose.

None of these steps are extremely difficult, start with one and go from there. You’ll be well on your way to changing your id badge wearing culture in no time!

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