7 Ways to Be Productive at Work Between Christmas and New Year’s


Are you one of the poor unfortunate souls stuck in the office the week between Christmas and New Year’s?


First, we’re sorry. We’re here too. Whatever your reason for working, we’re sure you’d rather be somewhere—anywhere—else. Second, we have some ideas to perk up your week in the almost empty office and help you use your time wisely.


1.    Have a good attitude about being there

If it was your boss’s request that you be in the office, respect them for it. Sometimes employees have to take one for the team, and next year it’ll be someone else manning the office rather than you. Getting worked up over it will only detract from your mental health and work relationship. Focus your energy and drive into something else, such as a productive task.


2.    Get ahead on your work

Now’s the time to get caught up if you were behind and look to get ahead, especially since the office will be peaceful and quiet, and there will be less interruptions from coworkers. Make your goals for this week reasonable and accomplishable, considering you may have lower productivity due to lower motivation. If that happens, simply create an environment where productivity thrives. Listen to some lively music, go to lunch with other employees in the office, grab some coffee in the afternoon, etc. Just make sure it would be boss approved!


3.    Redesign your ID cards

Designing ID cards is a task that gets put on the backburner because it doesn’t seem urgent. As the saying goes: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But we think it’s a lot more fun to shake things up occasionally. Take some time to think through what your ideal ID card would have: colorful background, company logo, name, position, years of service? With ID Maker 3.0, it’s easy to redesign your ID cards and choose what features to display. To get your creative juices flowing, visit our Sample ID Card Library!


4.    Get organized

Straighten up or redecorate your desk space, systemize your digital files, and organize your email inbox. It’s another task that frequently gets put on the backburner, but is beneficial to your sanity and time management in the long run.


5.    Reflect on the past year, and plan for the new one

Does your company have mid-year and year-end reviews? Most likely, you started keeping track of your goals, assignments, and accomplishments at the beginning of the year and then let it slide somewhere in June. Use some of your extra time around the holidays to write down your accomplishments, professional goals, ideas of how to stay ahead of your deadlines and keep organized, feedback for your boss about processes and procedures, etc. That way, you’ll be prepared when your boss is ready to meet.


6.    Learn something about your job

Use this time to further your professional knowledge. Is there a book related to your profession that you’ve been meaning to read? A magazine article or bookmarked blog post you haven’t yet gotten to? A webinar you’ve been wanting to watch? Do it! Investing time in a training course is a great benefit to both you and your employer.

Also, be sure to catch up on IDville’s previous blog posts and learn all about ID printers, systems, accessories, and more! Check them out here.


7.    Have some fun!

Take advantage of the more laid-back week, and interact with other employees in ways you may not normally interact. Organize an activity or two you can do together, like watching a holiday movie or playing a board game over your lunch break. You can also create a sign-up sheet for people to bring in treats.

We hope these ideas will make your week merry and bright!

Cheers from our quiet office to yours!

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