Everything You Need to Build an ID


If you’re brand new to ID card printing or looking for a quick refresher, this is a good place to start. Let’s break down everything you need to design and print professional ID cards in house. Pros to doing it this way opposed to outsourcing is that the cards are ready instantly and cost as low as $0.69 per card.

Printer – The printer prints the badge design onto a blank PVC card giving you your completed ID card. Printers come in different print capacities and speeds.

Software – The software is the brains of the whole operation. This where the card is designed and the data is encoded onto the card. All ID card features big and small start in the software so make sure the software you select has the functionality you need.

Ribbon – The ribbon is the equivalent of an ink cartage for a traditional paper printer. Printing on PVC cards requires a different printing technique so ribbon is used. These come in different types such as black and white only (KO) or full color (YMCK).

PVC Cards – The blank PVC card is what the badge design prints on. Traditional cards are 30 mil in thickness and range in color and quality. See printer instructions on selecting the best PVC card.

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