Evolis Avansia ID Card Printer Details [Video]


Video Transcript

If you’re looking for an extremely reliable high-volume id card printer that will provide crisp and detailed prints, the Evolis Avansia is the one for you.

This printer is excellent for large volume prints due to its 200 input / 200 output card hopper and retransfer print technology.

Unlike direct to card printing where the ink is injected directly to the hard PVC card, retransfer printing prints the design onto a clear film, which is then heat pressed onto the PVC card.

This results in a true edge to edge print, vibrant colors and enhanced durability.

While the Avansia doesn’t have any fancy tricks up its sleeve, it’s reliability, consistency, and print quality make this a top pick for high volume card issuance. It’s also compatible with encoding upgrades like magstripes and smart cards.

This printer comes equipped with an easy to use touchscreen and three-year warranty, with extended warranty options.

Like all our printers, the Avansia comes with free and unlimited technical support for the life of the printer, saving you money over its lifetime.

Want to learn more or receive free card samples? Request information at idville.com/guide or call an IDville specialist today at 1.866.438.4553.

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