ID Cards Without Logos


Is this a massive shift in the ID card industry or a simple trend of less is more?

Organizations big and small are starting to design their ID cards and intentionally leaving off their company logo. Why would they do this, and what does this mean for your ID program?

So, here’s the skinny.

This really isn’t a new concept, but it is becoming more popular. We hear that more and more customers are opting to leave off their logo for one specific reason. . .

“We’re not going to use our company logo because if the ID is found by a stranger, not only do they gain access to employee locations, but they also know right where to go.” – Anonymous Customer

And they’re right. For this reason, you need to immediately inform the administrator of the ID program when a card is lost so they can decommission the card and cancel all access.

Plus, you can also remove the logo from the ID so anyone who might find the card won’t know where it belongs to.

What this means for you.

If your logo is an essential piece of your ID, then you will likely want to keep it. For example, if you work for a local cable company and you make house calls, incorporating a logo is important for disclosing who you work for and why you’re showing up at a customer’s front door.

On the other hand, if you work in an Amazon shipping warehouse and you use the card to gain access to the building, then the security benefit of removing the logo would likely outweigh any reason to include the logo.

Now it’s your turn.

Is having a brand logo on your ID card critical to its purpose or use?

Is having a brand logo on your ID posing a security threat?

Leave a comment below if you have removed the logo, and tell us why. We’re interested in hearing about any other reasons behind the decision.

And, just for fun, we designed an ID to help you visualize what your ID might look like sans logo. Interested in designing one of your own? Try it free with ID Maker 3.0 card design software.

ID Cards without a Logo

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