ID Maker Secure Details [Video]


Video Transcript

If you’re looking for ID cards with advanced security features that make forgery nearly impossible, the ID Maker Secure is the printer for you.

The Secure is excellent for small to large volume prints due to its 100 input / 70 output card hopper and 200 cards per hour print speed.

It prints on PVC or adhesive cards, has automatic or hand feed options, and it’s compatible with upgrades like magnetic stripe and proximity card encoding.

Each ID Maker Secure comes with a customized Holokote which can be imprinted into the top layer of your card. This custom holographic overlay makes forgeries nearly impossible.

This printer also comes with a three-year warranty and has extended warranty options.

Like all our ID Maker printers, the ID Maker Secure comes with free and unlimited technical support for the life of the printer, saving you money over its lifetime.

Want to learn more or receive free card samples? Request information at or call an IDville specialist today at 1.866.438.4553.

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