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Custom lanyards are a popular and affordable way to get your employees and students to wear their ID cards, but the creation process can be overwhelming!There are many decisions to make for even a simple lanyard, and it can be difficult to know what features are best for your needs. This post will be a guide for your custom lanyard order and provide valuable insight into lanyard creation.

1. Quantity. 

How many lanyards do you want to buy? This will quickly narrow down the number of choices as many lanyards have a minimum quality or 50 or 100. 

2. Budget. 

How much do you want to spend? Custom lanyards cost different prices based on print technique, fabric and extra features. However, quantity discounts are available.

3. Timeline. 

When do you need the lanyards? Our Quick Ship Lanyards ship to you in just one day, but the Smart Buy Lanyards take 4-6 weeks. Be sure you choose the lanyard that will deliver your custom lanyard order in time.

4. Style.

Do you have a lanyard style preference? I personally like the Vivid Color Lanyards because you can match colors and the fabric is very soft. 

5. Size.

What width lanyard do you need? If the lanyards will be used for a long period of time, I recommend our thicker styles for long lasting comfortable wear. 

6. Breakaway.

The breakaway feature on a custom lanyard is for security purposes. This style is typically used in manufacturing environments and elementary schools. You can read more about the breakaway in our Knowledge Center.

7. Attachment.

Standard metal attachments are available for all of our custom lanyards. Options include a split ring, j-hook, and bulldog clip. Consider how you want the ID card displayed before making your selection. If you have a one-sided ID card, I recommend the bulldog clip because it won’t turn your ID card around.

8. Design.

What do you want your custom lanyard to say? You have many color, font and graphic choices, or you can add your own logo. This is the fun part!

That’s it! You’ve now created your custom lanyards!

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