Tech Corner: Ribbon Sticking to Card


Is your printer ribbon sticking to your id cards? Here’s how you fix it.

When using an ID card printer it is possible for your ribbon to break during the printing process. The result is the ribbon or dye film sticking to your card, which is obviously not what you’re going for. There are two likely culprits for this:

1. The card is slipping on the print roller during the printing process.

So here’s how you fix it. Clean your ID card printer. All printers have recommended cleaning instructions in the manual so that’s a good place to go after you finish reading this. The issue is that your print roller has become dirty and doesn’t grab the cards as well making them slip and get the dye film stuck to them. I

How do I clean my ID card printer?

All printers and printer brands have different cleaning guidelines and products so make sure you are cleaning your ID card printer with the correct products. If you have an ID Maker® printer you can find cleaning kits here.  As a rule of thumb, we always recommend cleaning your printer between every ribbon change, however, if you are experiencing this issue we recommend you perform an advanced cleaning where you open your printer and roll the cleaning card directly on the print rollers after you do the normal cleaning.

2. The ID card printer density is too high.

First try cleaning your printer and if that doesn’t solve the issue, the ID card printer is most likely printing at too high of a density. Changing the printing density can be done within the ID card software but we recommend contacting your software supplier to get help as this can be difficult to find in the menu. If you are using ID Maker software give our tech team a call at 1.866.438.4553. If you do choose to go about it alone we suggest reducing the print density by 200 points and testing it. Note that reducing the density will result in a lighter print.

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Experiencing another ID card printer issue? Check out our ID card printer Troubleshooting Guide.

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