The ID Maker Apex vs The ID Maker Secure


Our most secure ID Card Printer just got an upgrade!

Well, sort of. It’s actually more of a complete replacement.

The ID Maker Secure was our most secure ID card printer with it’s custom holographic overlays and smart card encoding capabilities. This resulted in a secure ID badge for your employees and identification program. The thing this was missing, securing your employee data.

As the industry has grown and progressed, the winning formula needed a few tweaks and additions…

Now we are excited to announce our new and improved ID Maker, The ID Maker Apex.

This builds on the already fantastic ID Maker Secure by taking what that printer got right and improving the parts it needed to remain the most secure direct-to-card printer in the industry.

What stays the same:

  • Standard holographic overlays for professionalism and security
  • 100 card input and output hoppers for batch printing
  • Ethernet and USB connectivity
  • Recommended to up to 2000 cards per year
  • Free and Unlimited technical support and training

 Here’s what got updated:

  • 600 DPI quality prints
  • 18 seconds per card print speed
  • Enhanced color accuracy
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Digital shredding [link]
  • Third party threat benchmarking
  • Up to 10 custom holographic overlays

The real game changers here are the improved data protection and higher print quality. The Apex will deliver crisp and clear prints with better color accuracy and the new data protection features mean your employees are protected, from their data to their ID badge.

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