The Most Reliable and Easy to Use ID Card Printer


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Picture this. You have a major convention in a few weeks and you just nailed down the design for your attendees id badges. You go to print and what?! An Error?! Do you call? Do you try to fix it on your own? Who even bought this stupid thing anyways?

 SMH Brian. 

You don’t even work here anymore Brian!

No body wants to be downriver without a printer. Especially when you need it most! That’s why our main customer concern is reliability.

So what is it? What’s the most reliable and easy to use ID card Printer?

The ID Maker Primacy

What makes it so reliable?

·      The manufacturer is Evolis and they are a quality and reliable brand


·      We get less tech calls about broken parts, malfunctions or printing errors than other printers.


·      Driver and firmware need to be updated less. All printers require you to download and install the printer driver and firmware. Some printer brands update or patch theirs and then make you download the new ones in order to print properly. The Primacy’s just work, so they don’t need to be updated as much. It’s an easy fix but annoying when you have to keep doing it.


·      With every printer, you need to clean it after 1000 prints. But the best practice is to clean it between every ribbon replacement. This will give you consistent prints and extend the life of your printer.



What makes it so easy?

·      Because of the good driver and firmware, it’s ready to go out of the box. No lengthy settings to sift through.


·      The front facing card hoppers are very easy to use especially at your desk when you don’t want to be reaching to the back of the printer in a confined space.


·      Then there’s the touchscreen. It gives cleaning instructions and helps troubleshoot any issues you might encounter. It also provides phone numbers to call to order more supplies or tech questions.


·      The ribbons. The Primacy has this drop and go ribbon which is basically fool proof. You don't have to unroll it and figure out what side goes where.



Any drawbacks?

·      Yes. The only drawback is that it has trouble printing specific shades of grey. If your brand colors include grey and it needs to be just perfect, I recommend requesting to see a sample with your grey on it. Any other color corrections can be tweaked in the settings.

So there you have it. If your main concern is reliability and ease-of-use, the ID Maker Primacy is the best direct-to-card printer out there.

If you have a bigger budget, you need to be looking at a re-transfer printer. Due to the printing technique, re-transfer printers put less stress on internal parts and therefore tend to have a longer life and are more reliable from day to day.

At IDville we offer free and full technical support on all our printer systems and we specifically don’t sell all the printers on the market because they simply didn’t make the cut.

With all that said, I’m Corey from IDville and I will see you in the next video.

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