Three Reasons Not to Buy ID Card Printers on


It’s no surprise is taking control of our lives as consumers. Hello ‘perceived’ free shipping and 2-day delivery! But have we stopped to consider all the pros and cons? Don’t get me wrong, Amazon is awesome in many ways, but we need to shop smart, right?

We conducted a survey of 1,000 customers and here are some interesting results and three big takeaways.

When you think of ID accessories (lanyards, badge reels, strap clips, badge holders), where would you prefer to shop?

While it’s no surprise that everyone likes to shop for ID accessories, what is surprising is that 86% buy online and the industry is still trending in that direction. Gone are the days of walking into Staples and picking out what you need. And why should you when you can find the perfect solution online and have it delivered to your front door in 2 days or less. The issue with buying online is not being able to feel or experience the product before the purchase – enter our faith in customer reviews.

Okay, so online is where you turn but who’s the king?

Where have you purchased identification products?

While Staples and office supply stores get a lot of business orders, Amazon is catching up, fast. It’s no surprise that people love Amazon for subscriptions to toilet paper but I do find it interesting that people are turning to Amazon for business products. Further data shows there is a “perceived savings” with Amazon purchases due to more competitive prices and free shipping. I’ll let you be the judge of that because every product has a different story.

We also know how to buy on Amazon.  We read the reviews, make sure the product fits our needs, read more reviews and smile when we get free shipping. When you’re buying lanyards or badge holders that’s totally fine! You might get a faulty product here and there but for the most part, a lanyard is a lanyard.

But ID card printers and systems are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Here are three reasons to NEVER buy an ID card printer on Amazon:

1.       Little to No Support

Our customers rely on our free and full lifetime support. That means unlimited training, troubleshooting, design help, maintenance and more. They know exactly who to call when they need help. If you purchase an ID card printer from Amazon, you can’t call them and ask what error 510 means. 

You can call the manufacturer, but their support may cost you hundreds of dollars. The manufacturer of the card design software will also differ from that of the printer, so if you have questions about both, they can’t help.


2.       Inconsistent Availability

If you regularly purchase bulk quantities from Amazon you might be in trouble. Offered products often change and even if it is offered there may not be enough inventory available. Going through a trusted brand retailer like will ensure you get everything you need consistently. Especially when it comes to supply orders like blank cards and ribbons.


3.       Amazon Customer Service

If you do find yourself with a faulty product or need some other kind of support, let’s just say Amazon’s customer service isn’t as fast as their shipping and they surely won’t go out of their way to maintain a quality relationship.


To sum it up, Amazon is great for a ton of things, but you need to be careful. Consider EVERYTHING you’re going to need and choose the best provider. At IDville, we consistently prove Amazon isn’t the best place for you or your business when it comes to identification products. We center our custom solutions around you, which means we include unlimited training and support for the life of our printers. Oh, did I mention same-day shipping?

If you are in the market for ID card printing solutions we would love to talk with you or send you some information and free samples. Call an ID specialist today at 1.866.438.4553.

What has your experience been with Amazon? Do you love it? Do you buy business products there? Share your comments below.

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