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Since the 1930s the three merger partners that today comprise Allied Beverage Group LLC have been the leading distributors of wine and liquor in the state of New Jersey. Allied Beverage Group currently ranks among the top 10 largest distributors in the United States. With 800 employees, Allied Beverage Group was looking to improve its outdated security and identification system when they came to IDville.

Jeanette Espinosa, Human Resources Administrator, was approached by the Purchasing and Operations Managers about updating Allied Beverage’s ID card printer system. “With all of the homeland security and bioterrorism concerns following 9/11, Allied joined a number of other companies in a commitment to voluntary compliance with a strict set of security system guidelines. IDs were a top priority,” Espinosa explained. “Our ID system at the time was very old-school. We were taking real pictures and then laminating them by hand.” It was a time-consuming process and didn’t seem practical for such a large company.

“The ID system we had just wasn’t working,” Espinosa continues. “We needed a more up-to-date system that could be tracked on the computer.” After looking through an IDville catalog, Espinosa did a little internet research and decided to contact IDville about our photo ID system selection.

“IDville had good prices,” said Espinosa. “I spoke with a representative and he sent me samples of ID badges so that I could get an idea for the look and feel of the printed IDs.” She passed them around the company and got approval for the new system in no time at all. Espinosa spoke with IDville sales representative David Ditmar for further advice on which system would be best for Allied Beverage’s needs. “Based on the amount of new hires Allied Beverage Group had, I recommended the Single-Sided Streamline System,” said Ditmar. “Her ID volume was perfect for the Evolis printer. It is quick, reliable, and works best for mid-range ID volumes – they were looking to print between 800 and 1,000 cards the first year. The small footprint and sleek design is an added bonus.” 
“And I got to pick my favorite color—blue!” Espinosa added. 
Since that time Espinosa has designed and printed ID cards for almost half of Allied Beverage’s 800+ employees. “I designed them myself. They have a forest green main border – our company color, and behind each picture is a watermark of our logo. The colored border around each individual’s photo helps identify which department that employee belongs to. The ID Maker Pro software was very easy to use.”

Allied Beverage Group LLC intends to maintain state-of-the-art office and master warehouse facilities – the new photo ID system has helped them create and maintain a more secure, technologically-advanced organization.

“The employee-to-employee visual reference gained with the IDs has helped a lot, too” said Espinosa. “It is a great way to identify sales reps, warehouse team members, drivers, and other employees within the building – it is good to know who is walking around.” Being able to call a team member by name helps build company morale and keeps everyone feeling secure.

Since printing their new IDs, Allied Beverage Group LLC has outfitted all of their employees with matching lanyards. “We’re all color-coordinated!” Espinosa said with a chuckle. “Working with IDville has been great. Thank you.”

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