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Northeast Middle School (NEMS) in Clarksville, Tennessee is part of the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System which serves over 26,000 students and employs about 3,000 teachers, administrators, and support staff. Each year NEMS prints around 1,600 IDs for its students, staff, and visitors alone. Since 2000, NEMS has been coming to IDville to meet all of its identification needs.

Bruce Hester, Media Specialist and Librarian for NEMS upgraded from the old laminate system he was using to a PVC card ID printer in 2002. "The old process was multi-step using the laminating pouches and the cards," said Hester. "When we decided to upgrade we were looking to produce IDs with ease and we wanted better looking and more durable cards for the students."

"Mr. Hester had been a faithful customer in the past, buying laminate ID products for over 2 years before he decided to purchase a new PVC photo ID system," remembers IDville representative Todd DeBoer. "At the time he was looking for a simple, cost-effective way to print PVC card IDs for all of his students and staff. I explained to him that all of our systems come packaged with the necessary components to get him up-and-running in minutes."

Hester did his research before purchasing his system. "We had another vendor come by and show us his computer, software and printer package. We ultimately chose IDville's Single-Side system because of its ease in making the card, the price and the components that came with it. IDville's tech support has proven to be a great big plus as well!" said Hester.

Before the school year begins Hester pre-prints all 1,400 of the student ID badges. "Although we don't have a dual-sided printer, we do print of both sides of the card; we just print one side at a time. I pre-print the first side of the card with all of the school information: school name, address, website URL, and logo. I also punch holes in all of them for the student's lanyard. Once the students come in for registration all I have to do is take their picture and match it up with their student information that has been previously uploaded into the ID Maker Pro database. All of the student identifying data along with a barcode of their social security number is printed on the second side of the card within seconds, actually about 45 seconds after I hit print!"

The speed of the system has helped move registration lines along and has saved the school labor costs. In fact, in 2003, the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System was awarded ISO 9001 certification. CMCSS is one of only 10 school systems in the nation to have received this award that confirms that an organization is running efficiently and effectively and that they've adopted a plan for continuous improvement. Their upgrade to an efficient photo identification system is just one of the many time- and cost-saving plans they have implemented.

"Using the barcodes on the cards speeds up library checkout and helps staff identify the students," added Hester. "We also make ID cards (without a photo) for substitute teachers and visitors that readily identify the fact that they have checked in at the office and are allowed access to the school." This badge system increases building security, leaving students, staff, and parents feeling more secure.

Overall the photo ID printing system has been very beneficial for NEMS. They've printed higher quality IDs in less time and with less labor costs. "Whenever they've had a question, we've been here to answer it," said DeBoer. 

"Our experiences with IDville have been terrific so far. Ease of ordering supplies, ease of using the software and the equipment, and the outstanding technical support has made it so easy for me to make ID cards for our students," Hester finished.

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