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Quiksilver, Inc. is a sportswear apparel company that designs, produces, and distributes clothing, surf, skate, and snow equipment for young-minded people. Started by Alan Green and John Law in 1970, Quiksilver quickly became a phenomenon and is now sold all over the world. Currently employing approximately 3,500 people, the business continues to run on its original principles of word-of-mouth, quality, and unbelievable service.

Todd Dickson, Quiksilver's director of building security, came to IDville in search of an up-to-date photo ID system that was "user-friendly and that did not break down every other day!" (We could guarantee that!) He needed a system that would allow him to create different types of badges with a single system.

"With thousands of employees at different levels within the company, Dickson needed an affordable way to create unique IDs," said David Ditmar, IDville System Specialist. "I knew he would be printing a lot of IDs, with Quiksilver being such a large company."

When Dickson contacted IDville he had some questions regarding the system options. "[The representatives] were very well-versed with the product which showed me a lot. Although cost was a big factor in our decision, the prices are very reasonable and the professionalism was leaps and bounds ahead of the other companies we'd contacted."

Ditmar ultimately helped Dickson decide on the Single-Sided ID Maker Advantage System. "He was planning to print a large number of cards, on one side only and security-enhancing overlays were not important to him, so I suggested the ID Maker Advantage." Dickson purchased two of these systems to be used at two different locations.

Even though Dickson did not choose to go with an ID Maker Secure system, his ID badges are still tamper-resistant. He includes the employee photo along with the company logo; and for added security he also includes a watermark of the employee's photo in the corner. "IDville continues to meet and exceed my expectations! It has become a great resource for my badging process."

"We wear our IDs with a clear plastic badge holder and strap clip that we purchase from IDville," said Dickson. Although they print many of their ID badges directly onto their existing access cards, for some employees they print on blank PVC cards, which are also available through IDville.

When we asked Todd Dickson how he would describe his overall experience with IDville, he told us, "It's a great resource for anyone using a form of identification. Whether it be a 3 person company or a huge organization, I have no doubt that IDville can meet their needs. They have certainly been there for me."

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