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Wilmington College is a private, graduate and undergraduate college in New Castle, Delaware. In 1968, the college opened its doors to a charter class of 194 students. Since that time it has grown to serve a student body of over 10,000 at six different locations. With a growing student body and a need to keep up with the changing technological trends, Wilmington needed a new photo identification system.

Erin Harvey, Sports Information Director for Wilmington College was in charge of helping the Student Affairs department update their current ID badge system. They were using a Polaroid® Laminate system which required them to take a real photo, print it on paper, die-cut the paper, place it into a laminate, and then run it through a laminator - all of this done manually. The student body was growing so printing and hand-assembling thousands of ID badges was becoming too much. Plus, the quality of the laminated ID card was minimal. Harvey wanted a "quick, digital, high-quality ID producing system."

"I found IDville online," said Harvey. "I knew that we were going to want to print on both sides of the card, so that narrowed down my search. I looked into other photo ID suppliers and finally decided on IDville because the price was right and they were a very reputable company."

For over 10 years, IDville has been working to provide top-quality photo ID solutions and technical support for its customers. The ID Maker PRO software was designed by IDville's own team of software engineers. Its ease-of-use and reliability are unmatched. With it you can use your logo, your information, your image - all captured with the ease of drag-and-drop features. You can upload an existing database of information or create a new one and ID Maker PRO will save your data for future use.

When Harvey was looking at the offering of systems out there, she noticed that all of IDville's systems came with all of the necessary parts to get her up-and-running, right out of the box. "It looked easy to use," said Harvey, and she was right! She didn't have to worry about compatibility among parts with the Dual-Sided ID Maker Advantage system. Every IDville system comes with our ID Maker PRO software, a digital camera, a white backdrop, one full-color YMCKO printer ribbon and 200 PVC ID cards.

Harvey designed Wilmington's photo ID badges to feature a picture of the college campus on the front, with their school policy on the back. "The IDs are much nicer-looking and the time required to print them is amazing compared to the old system," Harvey commented. When a student loses their ID, the Student Affairs staff can quickly look up their information and get them a new ID within seconds.

"IDville has been excellent," said Harvey. She continues to purchase printer ribbons and blank PVC cards throughout the year. In fact, since purchasing their first dual-sided system in July of 2003, Wilmington has purchased 3 more systems, over 4,000 PVC cards and 20 printer ribbons and their IDs are of higher quality because of it.

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