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ID Maker Primacy System w/ Touchscreen 1-Sided

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Product Description

  • Single-sided ID badge printer
  • Compatible with ID Maker® Pro 3.0 software (included)
  • System Includes:
    *ID Maker® Primacy ID badge printer
    *Logitech C920 HD web cam
    *Mini tripod
    *White photo backdrop
    *200 blank PVC plastic badges
    *200-print YMCKO printer ribbon
    *Printer cleaning kit
  • Includes a four-year warranty with an extended warranty option.
  • Color LCD touchscreen puts ribbon, card, and cleaning functions at your fingertips.
  • Due to a chip shortage, the touchscreen module will be shipped at a later date. The printer quality and functionality is not harmed and fully functional.

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ID Maker Primacy System w/ Touchscreen 1-Sided

Design and print your perfect single-sided ID card with any desired feature, including magnetic stripes, barcodes, smart chips, signatures, and more. The ID Maker® Primacy System is designed to simplify your large print volumes with its large card hopper and easy-to-use touchscreen* menu. It prints on single-sided PVC and adhesive cards, and it’s compatible with an upgrade to dual-sided printing.



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