Today’s e-commerce climate demands more security since about 1 in 20 Americans is at risk for identity theft. Identity authentication is a regular part of our daily lives to protect ourselves and our proprietary information.

One of the ways to enhance security that you may already be aware of is a photo ID badge requirements. What you may not know is the variety of security options that may prevent duplication of your card.

Let’s look at six ways to safeguard against ID card forgery:

    1. HOLOGRAPHIC OVERLAYS – this unique feature can be used in a couple of ways on an ID card. A custom holokote key can be programmed for your printer. When the custom holographic card is inserted into the printer, it produces a holographic overlay that prints to the ID card. A gold foil square called a holopatch can also be printed on each card. The holopatch can be printed with anything, including your company logo, for added protection from forgery.

    2. WATERMARKS – another unique marking, most often an organization’s logo, which lightly prints across any ID badge. Because this watermark is unique to your company logo, it makes unauthorized card duplication nearly impossible.

    3. MAGNETIC ENCODING – a programmable black or brown stripe on an ID card that when swept through a reader accesses loaded information such as employee or student account number, name, purchase history, or other designated information. Mag stripe encoding must be programmed to your ID card printer prior to purchasing your system.

    4. BARCODES – a common feature used for time and attendance or any other tracking system you choose to integrate with your ID card. Barcodes can be added to your ID cards in any ID Maker 3.0 software. With a barcode reader, employee or student information can be easily accessed.

    5. GHOST PHOTOS – make an ID one-of-a-kind with a mirror screen image of your ID picture, usually smaller and located in the bottom corner of the ID card.

    6. FINGERPRINTING – especially useful in government agencies and schools for child ID programs. An employee or student fingerprint can be included with the rest of their ID card information.
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