ID System Case Studies

When it comes to deciding on your perfect ID system, it always helps to know what other people are doing. Read through these case studies and as always, if you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (866) 438-4553 or email us at
American Medical Certification Association logo American Medical Certification Association
The American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) took their certification cards from “meh” to “wow” by investing in an ID card system. In this case study, you’ll see their unique challenges, as well as the unique solutions IDville offered to help them save $2,500 per month, increase their brand awareness, and better accomplish their mission.
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IDville case study Mill Creek Fire Department
Learn how the Mill Creek Fire Department in Wilmington, Delaware, made the industry’s most secure yet accessible accountability tags and saved $25,000 in two years. With the right ID system for their needs, they transformed the way first responders and hospitals access crucial information when they need it most. Mill Creek Fire Department has a long, rich history in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s grown immensely since it was first organized on January 6, 1927.
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IDville case study City of Mt. Pleasant
Located in the central part of Michigan, the City of Mt. Pleasant is home to 25,946 residents. Central Michigan University and the popular Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino, both located in Mt. Pleasant, can bring in quite the crowd, causing the population to swell 2-3 times its official residential count. Mt. Pleasant is a friendly community and through all of its growth it remains very important to them to maintain a small-town feel.
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IDville case study Allied Beverage
Since the 1930s the three merger partners that today comprise Allied Beverage Group L.L.C. have been the leading distributors of wine and liquor in the state of New Jersey. Allied Beverage Group today ranks among the top 10 largest distributors in the United States. With 800 employees, Allied Beverage Group was looking to improve its out-dated security and identification system when they came to IDville.
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IDville case study Joliet Public Schools District 86
Joliet Public School District 86 is located in Joliet, Illinois and serves over 10,000 students in the areas just outside of Chicago. Before Troy Whalen, Assistant Superintendent of Business for Joliet Public Schools, came to IDville the schools were not using any method of identification on any level of education. District 86 includes schools up until the junior high level. In 2002, when Whalen was looking to implement an ID system in their junior highs, he came to IDville.

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