The Case For Identification


Today organizations and workplaces are expected to have security policies in place to protect employees and visitors. Organizations employ multiple tactics to secure their facility and photo identification has become a standard element. It has become nearly impossible to walk into a workplace without an ID card.

Although ID cards have become a staple of security, many organizations are still hesitant to acquire their own ID card printer, which, at IDville, comes with all the additional supplies you need to create professional looking ID cards: software, camera, backdrop, and printer. An ID card printer can bring increased convenience, efficiency, safety, and security to any facility. Organizations experience the following benefits from integrating an ID card printer system into their security and personnel processes. They tend to quickly realize a significant return on their investment.

INCREASED SECURITY. ID cards have become a standard security practice for organizations of any size and in any industry. ID cards are given to everyone who belongs in a facility: employees, vendors, maintenance workers, volunteers, and visitors. The card serves as a passport that signals an individual is permitted in the building. Cards can be synced with access control to secure building entrances and coordinated with time and attendance systems to reduce paperwork.

A personal ID card printer system provides an organization complete control over the design and creation of ID badges and ensures a more secure identification process. Personal information, photos, and security enhancements can remain confidential when the ID card is designed and created internally as opposed to using an external card creation service. A third party service requires sharing confidential employee information and the ID card design over the Internet. Transmitting this information makes your organization more susceptible to identity theft and fraudulent ID cards.

REDUCED PRODUCTION TIME. Replacing a paper laminate card system with an ID card printer system will free up valuable labor resources and reduce stress at your organization. Creating paper laminate cards is a detailed and tedious process that includes printing, perforating, and laminating. Each card can take up to 4 minutes to complete. Data entry and design formatting also take longer with paper ID cards due to the lack of specialized software.

On the contrary, after completing the card design with ID Maker Software, an ID card printer can produce the card in as little as 30 seconds, depending on the printer model. An ID card printer also easily creates new cards, reprints, and replacement badges. All the necessary information is stored in the ID card software program and can easily be recalled to make a new card.

DECREASED COST PER CARD. An ID card printer is a technical piece of equipment that requires an upfront investment. Thankfully, organizations quickly experience a return on that investment. By purchasing identification equipment, you can produce your own ID cards rather than using a third party creation service or paper laminate cards.

Outsourcing ID card creation and production can cost up to $10 per card, while paper laminate cards are a costly use of employee time. On the other hand, in-house ID badge creation prints cards for approximately $0.61 each and after the initial card design, the cards require little manpower to create. PVC ID cards outlast paper cards – again saving employee time spent on reprints. A typical PVC ID card can last up to 5 years – long after paper cards have been retired to the recycle bin.

INCREASED DATA CAPABILITIES. An ID card printer has capabilities to encode personal data into each individual card. By adding a barcode or magnetic stripe, ID cards act as the conduit for information such as account balances, hours worked, or personal information. Creating your ID cards with an ID card printer can streamline multiple processes within your organization.

Access control and account management are popularly integrated into ID cards. By syncing ID cards with an access control system, data can be collected and stored about entrances into specific rooms in the building, such as a supply room or fitness center. ID cards can also be used for vending machine withdrawals or cafeteria purchases. Incorporating various uses into one ID card makes it more likely employees will wear and display their badge while eliminating the number of cards they have to carry.

IMPROVED PROFESSIONAL IMAGE. In today's business climate, brand image and integrity are pivotal to successful marketing, customer relations, and recruiting. Organizations can put forth a positive impression by identifying employees and visitors with custom PVC ID cards. Employees can wear their cards when interacting with customers, vendors, and visitors in lieu of an additional engraved nametag or adhesive badge.

Any member of an organization can create a professional-looking ID card with the proper software and printer system. You do not need to have programming or design experience to create an attractive ID card. ID Maker software is very intuitive, easy to use, and is a vast improvement over the use of word processor programs to design ID cards.

VERSATILE CARD DESIGNS. Changes to the design of your ID cards can be done quickly with an ID card printer system. Simply open the template you previously created in the ID Maker software program and adjust the format, colors, or security features you want to update. By saving the new design as a template, you can speed up the creation of new and replacement cards. When you want to print cards, simply import information from the software database to create a new set of ID cards.

Different card templates can be quickly designed or altered with the proper software tools to accommodate various ID card needs. It's easy to add a design element to an ID card to designate a special certification or security clearance. You can also include enhanced security features in the ID card design, such as HoloKote. A holographic overlay that can be seen when your ID card is turned at an angle, HoloKote provides added security against forgery.

COMPLETED CARDS IN-HAND IMMEDIATELY. Businesses, government offices and non-profit organizations all rely on ID cards for building and personnel security. When an employee needs a new card, it's important to get him or her a replacement quickly. With an ID card printer, you have all the tools to create a new card on the spot.

You can also expand the use of an ID card printer by creating cards for building visitors. Because the PVC card printer creates a card in less than a minute, you can easily create a personalized ID card for any visitor, vendor, customer, or interviewee. The cards will help to improve security at your organization and make a positive impression on any visitor.

ADDITIONAL APPLICATIONS. Implementing identification at your organization has many benefits, and your ID card printer has many additional uses. Many organizations utilize their printer to create long lasting labels for containers with chemical or greasy substances or to identify kitchen utensils and storage areas. PVC cards make long-lasting luggage tags that can easily be branded with the organization's logo and include the traveler's personal information.

An ID card printer system can be a useful tool for event planning as well. Special ID cards can be created to match the theme of a party or to identify conference attendees. The system's ease-of-use and portability makes it simple to create ID cards wherever you go.

Creating a professional and long lasting ID card doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem. If you can use a digital camera and a desktop computer, you can create professional looking ID cards in a matter of minutes. ID Maker software stores all card design templates and personnel data in an easy to use format that can be edited and revised easily. In fact, converting to an ID card printer from a paper card system is guaranteed to save time and money while creating attractive and secure ID badges.

You can get a return on investment from an ID card printer by taking full advantage of a system's abundant identification capabilities. In addition to streamlining processes and reducing time spent on projects, your organization will be more secure and your employees can feel safer every day.

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