ID Maker Value 1-Sided Card Printer w/ Mag-Encoder


ID Maker Value 1-Sided Card Printer w/ Mag-Encoder


Looking for an ID card printer? Look no further! Be sure to compare the ID Maker® printer model you're interested in to a complete ID Maker® ID Card System. Our systems include all of the things you need to get your program up and running and since it's packaged together, you get the most competitive price! Not sure about which system and system components you need? Request a free system information pack today!

Unit Price: $1,599.00
Your Price: $1,599.00


  • Single-sided ID card printing with Mag Encoder
  • Full-color ID card printing
  • Lifetime technical support & 2-year printer warranty. Extended warranty available.
  • Printer comes with complimentary lifetime technical support
  • Printer only - does not include ID card software
    or any supplies needed to print badges
  • Compare to a and save!
  • Production Time: 0 days


Weight 13 lb. 4 oz. Production Time 0 days
Brand ID Maker Color Capability Full Color
Print Volume Low Volume Printing Capability Single-Sided

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1 Review

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  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Disappointed with this Model\Purchase

    This model does not include a Power on\off switch. It would be very useful, since if you logoff, and back on, or Reboot, the printer shows Offline. The only fix appears to be to unplug the power supply, and plug it back in. Tried the USB cable, but that did not bring it back online. Sent it in for repairs, and they claimed to have fixed it - but it continues to have this issue. Tried it on several computers in our office, same results. We tried to return it, and get a new one, and that was not even close to being an option. I asked to escalate this call to higher person with more authority, and was told, there is no one that can do anything more. For now, we just placed a power strip next to the printer, to use it as the On\Off switch. Also, when we first bought it, it would not print edge to edge cleanly. They worked on that (Calibrated it) in factory, when they tried to fixed the OffLine issue. Last week we sent an email back to tech support, expressing how disappointed we were with this model, we have yet to receive a reply. The ribbons are very expensive, and you do not print very many cards per ribbon.

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