2017 National Safety Month


Every year National Safety Month is recognized in June. IDville is passionate about safety, in fact, that’s the very first thing on our About Us page “IDville was born out of passion; we want to make every school and workplace secure and productive, the foundation of any successful culture.” A demand for workplace safety is ever increasing and it’s critical you don’t fall behind and leave gaps. Here are some free tools and tips to make sure your organization stays current.

One key workplace safety aspect is employee security and visitor management. It is now commonplace to implement locked doors and ID cards that are required to open them, which is critical in reducing entrances for intruders and funneling all visitors to one entrance. This is ideal for managing who is in your building and when. On top of managing visitors, this security measure has a positive effect on making employees feel safe and engaged. It is equally as critical to know your work and making sure everyone is equipped with the proper equipment.

According to the 2014 Census done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics-4,821 people died while on the job. Implementing simple safety percussions and equipping employees with the proper equipment can change that statistic. Here’s what you can do.

Provide adequate training. Educating employees on the dangers they face and what they can do to maintain a safe environment can have a strong impact on the culture you cultivate. On top of that, providing managed and supervised training for all job responsibilities will reduce mistakes leading to injury and death.

Here are some free materials from the National Safety Council you can post in your office to promote safety and awareness.

Equip employees with the right tools. Making sure all employees have the necessary materials to do their job safely can be as easy as having safety products on hand like glasses, gloves, construction vests, etc. Choosing the right way to display ones ID badge is another way to help. IDville provides many options to satisfy any environmental need, such as breakaway lanyards that release if pulled.

First aid training. It can be costly to get all employees certified to perform first aid but it is a good idea to make sure some employees are certified in case it is needed. It can also be extremely helpful to have a first aid kit and materials posted to reference in case immediate action is required. Here are some first aid posters you can use.

So to sum it up, take the month of June to revisit your safety guidelines and use these free tools help educate and equip your workforce. We wish you a safe and happy workday. 

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