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ID Maker Systems

1. Laminate ID systems seem more affordable, why should I choose an ID Maker™ system?

2. Which system will work best for my needs?

3. What's included with an ID Maker™ system?

4. What is the average life of a PVC card printer?

5. How much does an ID Maker™ card printer system cost?

6. What if I have questions or issues with my ID Maker™ system or software after purchase?

7. What is the annual service agreement charge? Training cost? Support Cost?

8. What should my ID badge look like?

9. Is there a limit to the records I can have in the database?

10. Can my logo be used with your ID Maker™ software? Can I design the ID badge to look the way that I want?

11. How many printer ribbons do I need?

12. I ran out of printer supplies, how do I know which ones to reorder?

13. What will be the cost per card when it comes to printing supplies?

14. Can I combine my door access cards with my ID card?

15. Can I use a single sided ID Card Printer System to print a dual sided ID card?

16. Do the ID cards come with a hole pre-punched in them?

17. Our organization is transitioning to Mac computers, is ID Maker™ software Mac compatible?

18. What’s included with IDville’s printer system support?

19. What functions can my ID cards be used for?

20. What features can be added to my ID badges?


21. I already have an ID card printer, now how do I make sure ID badges are kept visible?

22. How do I order custom lanyards and how long will they take?


23. What is IDville’s return policy?

24. When will my items arrive?

25. Do you ship to PO boxes?

26. What are my ordering options?

27. What are my payment options?

28. My organization is tax-exempt, what do I need to do?

29. I need help with my order. Who should I call?

30. How can I view my order status or look at previous orders?