An Open Letter from our Product Team


ID cards aren’t sexy. . .neither are lanyards or badge holders.

I’ve been working in the ID printing industry for more than ten years and, in the grand scheme of things, not a lot changes. 

Question - "So, what keeps a product person excited about badge reels, ID card printers, and strap clips?"

Answer - "Talking to customers, fulfilling needs, and the challenge of finding the next big thing."

This means reading comments in customer surveys, scouring through product reviews, digging into product vendor catalogs, spying on the competition, and keeping up on the industry as a whole. However, the best feedback we can get is from you. So, if you have a product need or a great idea for a product addition PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, comment below. I need all the help I can get!

Over the last 10 months IDville has filled some holes in the wearables categories. Several RFID blocking badge holders have been added to the line-up along with a new heavy-duty badge reel. IDville’s most popular badge reels and stock lanyards have been bundled with the most popular badge holder to make wearing and protecting your ID easier than ever. You can check out all our new products that are availableThese are just the small steps but behind the scenes we are evaluating and planning for some much larger changes and additions to our current offering. We’re dreaming big and we expect to change the game. Stay tuned.

In the year to come you will see even more product additions and new offerings from IDville. The team has a whole list of ideas and is putting together the launch strategy for 2019. There are so many things to look forward to as IDville continues its journey as the only destination you need for ID products and services.

One last thing. 

To keep our product offering fresh, we are also putting items on clearance that have, maybe, not been so popular.  With everything between 50% to 80% off, this is the ultimate bargain hunter paradise. Check out our clearance page!

Your TurnDon’t for get to comment with your product ideas, big or small, we’ll explore them all!

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