Tech Corner: Error 16:00


Welcome to a new segment we like to call “Tech Corner”. In this segment we will talk about a few roadblocks some of our ID Maker System owners have experienced and how to solve them in seconds. Enter today’s topic: Error 16:00. This Error can cause faint or light printing, permanently damage the printer's controller PCB and invalidate the warranty. Let’s fix it.

If you own an ID Card System, you may have seen “Error 16:00” flash on your computer or printer screen but it gives you no insight on what the heck that means or what to do. Well I’m glad you found us today.

Error 16:00 is directly related to the power supply so before you start calling that nice printer a hunk of junk let’s take a look at the printer Power Supply Unit (PSU) sticker most likely on the bottom or back of your ID card printer.

The Power Supply Unit (PSU), more commonly known as the power cord, must match exactly what the PSU PC OUTPUT shows on the bottom of the printer (see image for example sticker on printer). For example: DC OUTPUT: 24V--3.75V (24 volt outlet must be converted into 3.75 amps by way of converter brick on the power cord.

Action Steps:

1. Make sure your power cord is converting the power to the printer specific amps.

2. Make sure your power supply is the amount of volts needed for the power cord.

Making sure your power supply and PSU meet the needs of the printer will solve Error 16:00.

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