How Quickly Do ID Card Printers Become Outdated?


It’s no secret that tech is rapidly evolving and your most beloved iPhone you got just 3 months ago is replaced by something newer and better.

ID card printers are another game entirely. The demand for new features and innovation is not as high as other devices that are often in the mainstream news. ID cards have remained relatively unchanged in the last decade in terms of their features and usage.

The short answer is this:

ID card printers do not get outdated, but they do get worn out. Brand new ID printers rarely come out and even if they do, the updates made are minimal.

The approach manufacturers take is different. Instead of coming out with new printers that look different and have new names, they instead work to improve the already available ones. For example, Magicard has sold the Enduro printer for over 10 years and it has always looked the same. However, they spent time and effort perfecting the internals so printing became quieter and faster and more clear and more reliable. The price for the printer has also gone down dramatically.

So what should you buy?

The printers available on the market have been consistent though small tweaks have been made and new functionality has been added. There is a solution suited for everyone and as long as you get a printer that can solve your needs there should be no concern about missing the next best thing, it’s not going to be revolutionary. The real trick is nailing down exactly what you need. Check out our ID Card Features infographic to get the details on all the available options.


Printers run on firmware and drivers. These get updates as well so even if you have a ten year old printer, installing the new firmware and driver can boost your performance!

The features are in the software. If you want to add new features to your IDs there is a good chance you don’t need a printer. You need the software. Software has been improved over the years and I would recommend trying our ID Maker 3.0 card design software. Seriously, try it for free! Download the free 30 day trial. It’s super easy to use and boasts all the newest features the industry has to offer.

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