ID Maker Primacy vs. ID Maker Advantage


ID Maker Primacy versus ID Maker Advantage

ID Maker Primacy vs. ID Maker Advantage

There are many reasons to implement an ID card printer: visual identification, time and attendance and physical access are just a few of the main motivations. Determining which ID printer best suites your needs is key to successfully implementing an identification program that does everything you need it to.

The 3 most important questions to answer before you start:

1.       Do you want to print on one or both sides of the card?

2.       Will your cards need special encoding (magnetic stripe, contact chip, contactless)?

3.       How many cards will you be printing, on average, per year?

Below are the basic specifications for the ID Maker Advantage and ID Maker Primacy. Head-to-head these printers offer a lot of the same features. Both printers are good for medium to large print runs and can print dual or single sided cards. Both print quickly and efficiently. And both have a 3-year warranty.

The slight differences lie in the details.

Get the Advantage if additional security is important. The ID Maker Advantage offers the ability to add an anti-fraud watermark for added security (there are 4 pre-defined HoloKote® options to choose from). The Advantage is also usually several hundred dollars less, making it a more budget-conscious option.


Get the Primacy if printing IDs quickly is important to you because its slightly faster print speed. The Primacy also offers more flexibility in it’s usage as well as an optional dual-sided card lamination module, that can be purchased separately, if you’d like the cards to have a laminated finish. This printer is also generally considered more reliable over time but does cost a few hundred dollars more than the Advantage.


With subtle differences between printers, the key is knowing what is most important to you, reviewing the printer specifications side-by-side and deciding on the best fit for your needs. All ID Maker printers and systems come with a free and full lifetime technical support which includes a loaner printer if your printer needs to be sent in for repair. This is a huge benefit that is often overlooked when purchasing a new printer. You can never be too prepared for that just-in-case moment. 

Hopefully this head-to-head printer comparisson helped you understand the differences. If you have specific questions or want to learn more call our awesome team of ID Specialist at 1.866.438.4553 or request free samples and a custom quote.

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