What to Put on the Back of an ID Badge


ID Got Back! May as well use it.

Your standard ID card can include a lot of information, potentially even more than you realize!

This is you.

More often than not people tend to focus all their time and attention on the front of the card. Working to fit every last detail they can while also trying to keep it nice and professional – never even realizing the valuable real-estate available on the back side of their cards!

The ID card is under-utilized space, but it doesn’t have to be! With a dual-sided card, you can add important details to the back of the card that might otherwise not fit or detract from the layout of the front of your card.

“Whoa, wait… What?!”

Often people think that the back of the card is just for a mag-stripe or serial number, but its oh-so-much more! You can put anything there, seriously, like sky’s the limit! (well as long it’s something that you can print, but you get the picture)

“Ok, ok, I get it. But uh, can you give me examples?”

Oh, you bet your low-fat, soy-milk latte I can!

Ideas and Recommendations

ID cards often incorporate QR codes, barcodes and fingerprints that allow them to access data and even unlock doors. You could move all these to the back of the card so the back is doing the majority of the actual work. That allows the designer to use the front of your ID to create beautifully branded badge without all the bar codes and fingerprints while still providing you all the ID card features you could ever need.

Bonus Point: When someone's identity is in question, including a copy of the authorized employee's signature or fingerprint on the back of the ID is an instant way to detect a fraudulent ID card or unauthorized visitors.

Beyond that there are other creative uses, such as a business address, contact information, mission statement, core values and even a list of emergency guidelines and procedures.

Let’s sum this up. 

The back of your ID card is precious real-estate and can be utilized for any assortment of features including bar codes, signatures and fingerprints. However, it can also be used in unique ways as well like including your core values, mission statement or return instructions if the card is lost and found.

Want to learn more about all the available ID Card feature and how to use them?

Check out our ID Card Features Infographic

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