American Medical Certification Association


About the Client

The American Medical Certification Association (AMCA), established in 2010, is a company that facilitates national certification exams to ensure the common knowledge and expertise of professionals in the healthcare field. Their main mission is to improve the quality of patient care while helping individuals become marketable in today’s ever-changing workforce.


The Challenges

AMCA had proven their influence in patient care, but being marketable wasn’t so easy with their previous card system. The physical certification cards they provided to their customers were inconvenient to order, with a 4 week lead time, not as professional, and lacked when it came to communicating the value of being certified.

You see, they were printed on paper. It was a heavy die-cut paper, but paper just the same. And paper isn’t durable, no matter how heavy it is. The edges start to fray and it’s not easily wearable, like—for example—the ID badges healthcare professionals wear when they work. So, certification cards were stuffed into wallets and purses, only to be pulled out when necessary.

The cards were also expensive, time-consuming to make, and didn’t have the ability to print multiple certifications on one card. So, if a customer had three certifications, they needed three paper cards. Plus, cards were easy to replicate, meaning the potential of producing fraudulent cards was a concern. 

AMCA realized they needed to find a cost-effective and professional solution that better represented the quality of their certifications—and fast.


The Solution

AMCA received an IDville catalog and quickly reached out to discover more about IDville’s professional and simple card-making process. After a “this is the one” moment, AMCA decided they just had to try IDville’s system. They purchased an ID Maker Primacy System and never looked back.

“I was so impressed with the service and how easy it was to design an awesome looking card. I was definitely wowed!” Danielle Sadighi, VP of Sales and Marketing at AMCA, declared.

With PVC cards and their new printer, anyone in their office is able to print cards with ease. On top of that, they’re able to print one card for multiple certifications. And, on top of that, customers can wear their certification cards alongside their ID badges, which makes them more convenient and visible.

“People want these!” Sadighi added. “We had people calling in who didn’t have expired cards but wanted the new card. They look that good.”


The Impact

Money saved. Customers wowed. Business generated.  

AMCA estimates an average monthly savings of $2,500 by reducing the number of prints to 300–500, as well as the card size and envelope size required to send certifications to customers.

AMCA feels like the quality of their cards now matches the quality of their service. Their ability to create high-quality, professional cards is wowing customers so much, they see an increase in brand awareness and expect enrollment numbers to grow.



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