City of Mt. Pleasant


Located in the central part of Michigan, the Mt. Pleasant is home to 25,946 residents. Central Michigan University and the popular Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino, both located in Mt. Pleasant, can bring in quite the crowd, causing the population to swell to 2-3 times its official residential count. Mt. Pleasant is a friendly community and through all of its growth it remains very important to them to maintain a small-town feel.

When Bonnie Pomeroy from the Human Resources Department at the City of Mt. Pleasant offices contacted IDville she was looking to update her dated ID card system. “We were taking photos and then laminating them onto an information card,” Pomeroy said. “I needed to find a way to create longer-lasting, higher-quality IDs for our employees.” The City of Mt. Pleasant employs around 170 employees, so Pomeroy needed something that would be easy, quick, and affordable.

“A lot of times when customers call they aren’t exactly sure what they are looking for,” David Ditmar, IDville System Specialist explained. “That is why we are here – to help.” 

When Pomeroy called she had looked at the IDville catalog and she had been to the IDville website. “She knew that she wanted something that was going to be easy for her to use. She already had a digital camera, so that part of our system was of no use to her.” There are times when IDville customers do not need all of the products that come included with system, this is why IDville has created something called a Base Kit for a few of their most popular systems.

“The Base Kit comes with everything our standard systems come with, but without the digital camera and the photo backdrop,” said Ditmar. “We are very flexible when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs.”

There are many things that customers forget to think about when they are ordering their systems. Pomeroy remembers going through this same type of situation, “The representative was helpful in giving me information and telling me things that I didn’t know enough to ask about the product.” Ditmar helped her figure out what type of ID accessories she would need in order to ensure that the new IDs would be wearable. She purchased a slot punch and clear strap clips for badge display.

About a year since Pomeroy purchased her ID Maker photo ID system, we checked in and things were continuing to go well. “I have taken pictures of most of the employees who are required to wear a photo ID. We would like those who are out in the community to be identified as City employees. It has worked well and we have been very pleased with the print quality of the pictures,” said Pomeroy. “Our community has benefited from the IDs as well. They easily identify employees to the community members as to what division of the City they work in – code enforcement, assessor, water, wastewater, water meter readers, or street workers.” The feeling of security the badges create for the members of the community is priceless, and it maintains the know-you-by-name, small town feel.

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