Shasta County Sheriff's Department


California's Shasta County is home to over 180,000 residents and is growing quickly. With a 10% growth rate over the past 5 years, it was important that their Sheriff's Department make advances to their photo ID methods. Having 260 employees and volunteers on staff, it was critical for the department to make the shift into higher-quality, safer identification methods.

"Our main reason for coming to IDville was because in the event of a terrorist attack or mass casualty event, we wanted to be able to issue ID cards to first responders on the spot," Brenda Galey of Shasta County Sheriff's Department told us.

In the past, like many of our customers, Shasta County was using the traditional cut-and-paste, laminate method for making their IDs. "We were taking Polaroid® photos and laminating them to county business cards," said Galey. Not only was that method unsafe and easy to duplicate, it was also taking a lot of time away from other jobs.

With their new ID Maker Secure System from IDville, Galey can now take a photo and print an ID card in less than one minute.

"[The new ID card system] has made the cards easier to produce and they look much more professional," noted Galey. "It has also made printing new cards easier; as people change positions and get promoted we can just use the same photo and update the other information."

After purchasing their ID Maker Secure System, Shasta County added the custom holographic overlay key to increase each card's security level and to enhance the overall look of the card.

The process of going from Polaroid® cut-and-paste IDs to PVC secure badges has not only benefited the Sheriff's Department staff, they have also been of value to members of the community in identifying County Personnel.

"We have several types of cards that we've designed using the ID Maker Pro Software: SWOT, public safety, search and rescue volunteers, and regular volunteers. On the front of the card is a photo with each job classification listed. On the back of the card it has the subject's physical description and whether or not they are permitted to carry a weapon." By listing these features on the front and back of the card, county citizens can feel safe knowing who they are dealing with.

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