How to Create Effective ID Badges: Intro


ID badges are a necessity in today’s schools and workplaces.  In order to make an effective ID badge it must accurately and professionally represents both your employee/student, and your organization. And with security being an ever more essential factor in today’s culture, it’s critical to have modern, secure and counterfeit-resistant IDs. Gone are the days of paper cards, photocopied images and ineffective lamination.

PVC cards and ID badge printers, (such as the ID Maker One Box Systems sold by IDville) are the new standard in identification. Much like desktop inkjet printers, PVC card printer technology has become more and more accessible and cost effective, even for small business and schools. With one relatively small investment and a few minutes of your time, you can be on your way to creating beautiful and functional ID badges for your organization. But what exactly makes a decent ID badge?...

Let us show you!

This ongoing series will serve as your guide through the ID badge creation process. Taking you step by step through all the different aspects that make an effective ID badge design that is both attractive and functional.

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