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Lanyard and ID Holder Accessory Bundles

Pick the accessory bundle that best fits your organization with lanyards or reels and badge holders. See why employees love our lanyard holders, not only does it keep IDs secure, but it also acts as another layer of protection saving you money from reprinting new badges. Don’t wait, shop IDville today!

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Can you customize ID holders?
Yes! If you’re looking for a custom ID/Badge Holder option, you can customize your badge reel here. Add your company or organization's logo and pick the color! We also offer custom lanyards as an option as well.

Are these accessories durable for everyday use?
Yes! These are meant to protect your IDs, ensuring they last long-term. The protective plastic sleeve will keep the badge from being scratched or faded from use.

What’s included in the ID accessories bundle?
We have a variety of different bundles available to fit your company's needs. Our products range from protective sleeves with retractable reels to our most popular bundle of lanyards with ID holders.