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 Badge Security System

Keep your medical facility on the cutting edge of badge security with available digital data shedding, holographic overlays and biometrics. We also feature the data sharing tech you rely on, like barcodes, magnetic stripes, proximity cards, and custom reporting.

 ID Card Printing Software

ID card software is a huge part of the user experience. This is where you will spend your time designing the perfect ID badge for your organization and encode all the employee data. Other brands don't boast about their software because they don't make it. Our home grown ID Maker 3.0 ID badge software is something we like to show off because our customer love it.

Unlimited Tech Support Card

Whether you have simple questions or need last minute troubleshooting help, we are here to help! We'll even ship you a loaner printer if yours needs a tune up or fix years down the road. Call us today at 1.866.438.4553.